Tuned Hosting Affiliate Compensation Plan

Thank you for your interest in the Tuned Hosting Affiliate Program OR what we like to call our ‘Cooperative Affiliate Program”, a more tightly integrated marketing model between US as Tuned Hosting and YOU as an Affiliate, with company site traffic from search engine results and paid marketing campaigns being distributed to our active affiliates via our Affiliate Marketing System.

That is what we mean by cooperative… this is what sets our affiliate program apart from any other affiliate program you will find in hosting or for that matter any online sales program!

50% of ALL Non-Referred Sales Traffic Distributed to Affiliates!

100% of ALL Non-Referred Affiliate Traffic Distributed to Affiliates!


We distribute our search engine and paid marketing traffic out to our active affiliates who have earned ‘Bonus Traffic’ in our system as the visitors sign up or purchase products and services from us, tracked by special internal site links which customers must use to process orders for commissioned products or joining our affiliate program.

All you have to do to earn this bonus traffic is send traffic to your affiliate landing pages, links and banners… just like a normal affiliate program, unlike others you get a piece of our company action!

We are giving away our COMPANY traffic to our affiliates, we distribute 50% of non-referred company sales through our affiliate program with 100% of all new affiliates placed under an active affiliate already in our program under 1 of our 12 Company Master Affiliates… an industry FIRST!

This Builds DEPTH and stability throughout and allows our affiliates to benefit as we grow and become a larger company, rewarding those who help us get there in the process!

Compensation on Personal Sales

(You can DOUBLE personal sales commission values, see ‘Affiliate Commission Upgrade Option’ below! PLUS get an Enterprise Tuned Cloud plan as a bonus!)

  • 15% commission paid on all personal sales and renewals of Shared Hosting
  • 15% commission paid on all personal sales and renewals of Reseller accounts
  • 15% commission paid on all personal sales and renewals of Server Management Packages
  • 15% commission paid on all personal sales and renewals of Affiliate Traffic Packages
  • 0% commission paid on all other products and services shown on site


Plus commission on 10 levels of affiliate sales below you:

  1. 5%
  2. 2%
  3. 1%
  4. 1%
  5. 1%
  6. 2%
  7. 3%
  8. 5%
  9. 7%
  10. 10%

* No commission overrides paid on any product that does not earn commission on personal sales, i.e. domains, vps, dedicated servers and other products not listed with commissions above.


Additional Bonuses and Commissions to be announced!

As we grow and become more profitable through volume of sales, we will pass on those profits to our affiliates in the form of additional incentives for team building, sales volume, etc., commissions such as check matching bonuses for personally referred affiliates, profit pools and more.

*Additional bonuses and commissions will ONLY be available to affiliates who have upgraded their accounts for optional $27 a month ‘Affiliate Commission Upgrade Option’.

ALL Super Easy to Understand Right?

Register as Affiliate for FREE!

Join Affiliate Program

  • FREE to JOIN!
  • No requirement to upgrade!
  • Company Traffic Available!

Join NOW!

Upgrade Your Affiliate Account!

Get MAXIMUM income from our affiliate program, upgrade your account for only $27 a month to DOUBLE your commission, while at the same time also being qualified for bonuses and other compensation plan enhancements released in the future!

Currently you get a Tuned Cloud Enterprise Shared Hosting Plan as bonus for free as long as you keep your upgrade active!

More bonuses to be added to $27 upgrade as our membership base grows, i.e. marketing tools and other affiliate promotional tools.

Affiliate Commission Upgrade Option

  • Commission Doubled to 30%!
  • Qualified For All Bonuses!
  • Bonus - FREE Enterprise Hosting Plan!
  • MAX Your Potential!

Upgrade Account NOW!
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