Tuned Hosting Affiliate Compensation Plan

Thank you for your interest in the Tuned Hosting Affiliate Program OR what we like to call our ‘Cooperative Affiliate Program”, a more tightly integrated marketing model between US as Tuned Hosting and YOU as an Affiliate, with traffic from search engine results and paid marketing campaigns being distributed to our active affiliates via our marketing system.

That is what we mean by cooperative… this is what sets our affiliate program apart from any other affiliate program you will find in hosting or for that matter any online sales program, period.

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Compensation Plan Overview

  • 30% commission paid on all personal sales of Shared Hosting
  • 15% commission paid on all personal sales of Reseller accounts
  • 5% commission paid on all personal sales of Dedicated and VPS Servers
  • 0% commission paid on Domain Sales – (No margin currently available.)

Plus commission on up to 10 levels of active affiliate sales below you:

  1. 5%
  2. 2%
  3. 1%
  4. 1%
  5. 1%
  6. 2%
  7. 3%
  8. 5%
  9. 7%
  10. 10%

Sales Qualifications to earn on levels:

  • 3 Personally referred active sales opens Levels 1-3
  • 4 additional sales opens level 4
  • 5 additional sales opens level 5
  • 6 additional sales opens level 6
  • 7 additional sales opens level 7
  • 8 additional sales opens level 8
  • 9 additional sales opens level 9
  • 10 additional sales opens level 10

Must maintain active accounts to be paid on each level

  • 3 Active accounts for levels 1-3
  • 7 Active accounts for level 4
  • 12 Active accounts for level 5
  • 18 Active accounts for level 6
  • 25 Active account for level 7
  • 33 Active accounts for level 8
  • 41 Active accounts for level 9
  • 51 Active accounts for level 10

* Levels 4-7 require five (5) new hosting sales during the month to be made personally by Affiliate to qualify for commissions on these levels. Level 8 requires ten (10), level 9 requires fifteen (15) and level 10 requires twenty (20) new hosting sales to be made by the affiliate during the month to qualify.

For example, if affiliate has 10 active accounts they are qualified to earn on their first 4 levels, provided they have 5 new hosting sales for the month, however if they do not make 5 sales during the month they will not qualify to earn on level 4, just levels 1-3 that month. This is to ensure all affiliates are actively promoting the services and acquiring new sales monthly.

Earn Lifetime Qualification

To be announced! We will be setting a quota of sales and active accounts which will automatically qualify an affiliate for life on all 10 levels of their team with no future sales quota requirements.  Work hard, build a network, build your personal sales marketing empire and then just collect the revenues!

Additional Bonuses and Commissions to be announced!

As we grow and become more profitable through volume of sales, we will pass on those profits to our affiliates in the form of additional incentives for team building, sales volume, etc., commissions such as check matching bonuses for personally referred affiliates, profit pools and more.