Tuned Hosting Affiliate Marketing System (AMS)

To get started the very first thing you need to do is register using the link to the right.

Registration Code: TUNEDSYS

OR use the username of the affiliate who referred you to the site!

If you do not remember who referred you, use the TUNEDSYS code and the system will look to see if you were referred by anyone by checking if you have a cookie set from a previous visit or when you registered as an affiliate on the site.

The last thing you need to do before sending traffic to your links is to add your Tuned Hosting Affiliate ID Number to the ‘Settings‘ section so you can start receiving traffic from our search engine traffic and paid marketing campaigns.

Send traffic to the landing pages provided in the AMS or using the links and banners provided in the Affiliate Portal and either system will earn you traffic from our site traffic and paid campaigns!

Look for other options on the menu in the right sidebar of all AMS pages.