Tuned Hosting 10 Level Affiliate Program

Refer clients to Tuned Hosting and get paid commission every month they remain an active client with us in our 10 level company supported affiliate program!

What Makes Our Affiliate Program Different?

Our program is UNIQUE in the world of affiliate programs, we not only pay our affiliates on 10 levels of sales from their team, we also reward our affiliates with traffic from our company site traffic, i.e. search engine results and paid marketing of which we distribute 50% of the visitors out to our producing affiliates, those who have purchased ‘Bonus Traffic’ or earned traffic as an affiliate.

The traffic we distribute out to our affiliates IS NOT ‘raw’ site traffic, it is actually HIGHLY qualified, we only distribute traffic which has clicked on an internal site link, either a buy link for a product or service or our affiliate registration links, thus our affiliates are ONLY provided with the most highest converting traffic possible as bonus traffic.

When this traffic purchases and or signs up as an affiliate the affiliate given the visitor as a bonus gets FULL commission on the transaction in the case of a sale, including future renewals and or credit for the affiliate signup, either way… a win for our affiliates!

Interested In Seeing the MONEY?

Get all the details about our compensation plan and join here!