Master Affiliate Position

We have ONE final Master Affiliate position being offered in our 10 level affiliate program, with a total of 12 master affiliates at the top of the company with the rest of our affiliates being placed under the 12 MA team leaders by our automated marketing system.

Master Affiliates get all the all the same benefits of our compensation plan, with the difference of having their personal commission raised from 15% to 50%, for life, on commissioned sales products and services.

Why Be a Master Affiliate?

As a MA, you get direct placement to the top of the Tuned Hosting affiliate program, as one of only 12 MA’s to be in the program you are in position to earn big in our compensation plan as we grow and develop as a company, Being one of the 12 MA’s allows you to leverage your work with our marketing system and really grow your team and sales commissions!

Master Affiliates are always sought out by new reps to join with directly, you can speak from authority when building your team and our MA’s will also participate in private commission pools that only MA’s can earn in, plus… haven’t you always wanted to be at the TOP?


*After joining as our final Master Affiliate your affiliate account will be upgraded to 50% commission and positioned under the company directly in our program, if you are currently an affiliate in our program, your referrer will be given a 20% check matching bonus on your monthly income. For example, if you earn $100,000 in a month, your referrer would earn a $20,000 check match bonus that month for referring you as a Master Affiliate.

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