Tuned Dedicated Hosting – Up To 2 CPUs and 8 Disk Drives – Customize Yours!

Ready for some AMAZING deals on Dedicated Hosting?

Take $60 a month off for life on our DUAL XEON E5-2620v3 Dedicated Servers with: DUALE5BIG60

Take $30 a month off for life on our single XEON E3-1230v3 and 1270v3 Dedicated Servers with: E3BIG30

Check out the packages, compare to our competitors, then come back and save with us!

More Power and Resources

Our dedicated servers come with up to 8 hard drives, 1Gbps port speed options and more to power thru even the most demanding applications!

Choose a cPanel powered server and we will pre tune and configure it with our Tuned Hosting configuration to provide a stable ready to rock and roll server for you, even if you know nothing about server management or setup!

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